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Associated Services Corporation is a distributor for commercial laundry equipment manufactured by Electrolux and Wascomat. We also sell coin changers, tables, chairs, and laundry carts. Contact us for a quote on various models and sizes.  Quantity discounts available.

Used washers, dryers, and parts are available at discounted prices.

For more information, contact our parts department by calling 877-793-2011 x330 or email [email protected].

Washers and Dryers


wascomat-washersThe Wascomat W-Series 100 G-Force Washer with Compass Control

Solid Mount “W” Style Washers

Available In: 20#, 25#. 30#, 45#, 62#, & 77# Capacities!

  • Lowest water consumption in the industry
  • Single phase simplicity in 120 or 220 volt
  • Inverter driven motor for smooth and quiet operation and high efficiency
  • Unique 4 compartment supply dispenser lets the consumer conveniently load all laundry supplies before starting the wash
  • Interchangeable parts from one size to another

The Wascomat Crossover Series 300 G-Force Washer Available in 22# Capacity

  • Adjustable Water Levels
  • Clog Resistant Pump Strainer
  • Customizable Wash Programs
  • Error Reporting and Recording

wascomat-dryers-600Wascomat Single Pocket Dryers

Available In:  35#, 67#, & 83# Capacities!

Stack (2 Pocket) Dryers

Available in:  30#x30# & 45#x45#

  • Extra Large Doors make loading & unloading easy
  • Convenient access to parts
  • User friendly, accurate, and flexible dryer controls

The Wascomat Crossover Series Dryer Available in 22# Capacity

  • Available in Gas or Electric
  • Quiet Operation
  • Error Reporting & Recording


electrolux-washersThe Electrolux Professional S-Series 200G-Force Washer with Compass Pro Controls

Available in 18#, 20#, 25#, 30#, 45#, 62#, 75# Capacities!

  • Large, clear display in up to 18 languages
  • Flexible & Customizable
  • Real Time Clock
  • Up to 55 Programs Available
  • Auto Saving System – Save up to 50% on Water for Half Loads

The Electrolux Professional H-Series 400G-Force Washer with Compass Pro Controls

Available in 13#, 15#, 18#, 25#, 30#, 45#, 60#, 75# Capacities!

  • Same Great Controls as The S-Series

electrolux-dryersThe Electrolux Professional T-Series Dryer with Compass Pro Controls

Available in 13#, 23#, 30#, 35#, 37#, 42#, 51#, 67#, 82# Capacities!

  • Auto Cooling Cycles Reduces Creasing & Improves Finish
  • Accurate Temperature /Humidity Control For Quick, Efficient Drying
  • Automatic Inversion of Drum Rotation
  • Continuous Self-Testing – Displays Error Codes For Easy Troubleshooting


Other Equipment

Standard Coin Changers – All
American Coin Changers – All models
R&B Wire products – Laundry Carts
Sol-o-matic Folding Tables
Sol-o-matic Chairs & Benches

Used washers and dryers at great prices
Available for immediate delivery

For pricing information or to place an order, contact our parts department by calling 877-793-2011 x330 or email [email protected].
Quantity discounts are available.

Topload Washers
30# Dryers
Stack Dryers
30# Dryers